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  • 100 mentions / mo

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Advanced Features

Analyze and share off your media wizardry!

Visualize your online presence

Get a snapshot of your mentions by source, language, and over a selected period of time. Compare yourself to your competitors by viewing multiple alert statistics at once.

Get more signal, less noise

Get rid of the noise coming from spam, or from people with the same name as you. Easily find important mentions and quickly get their tone.

Put your data to good use

Get a snapshot of your mentions by source, language, and over a selected period of time. Generate reports and export data to compare yourself with your competitors.

Benefit from unlimited history

With mention for Business, you'll always have access to your alert's history for as long as you keep the alert. Dive back into the past to analyze a peak, measure your success.

Collaborative Features

Involve your coworkers in social media monitoring

Share your alerts with your team

Get collaborative on shared alerts with real-time management across devices. mention makes it easy for any size team to stay in the know about their brand.

Assign Tasks to the right people

Quickly share and react. Send a technical question to your Tech Team, a sales question to your Sales Team, and get everyone in on the Community Management game.

Track your team's progress

With mention's Task List and Activity Feed, you'll never be in the dark when it comes to knowing who's done what.

Jumpstart your workflow

Work smarter. Easily add new team members, grant access only to those who need it, and speed up your social media presence while protecting your information.